How to Clean Silk Plants?


There are cleaners that are made specifically for cleaning silk plants. You can purchase it at a craft store, like Michaels. You can also use a soft damp cloth and wipe off the plants.
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1. Dust the stem and leaves with a feather duster or lamb's wool. 2. Attach the soft brush attachment to your vacuum and use it to collect heavier layers of dirt or cobwebs if necessary
Overview Nothing ruins a gorgeous flower arrangement more than a telltale layer of dust. Silk plants and trees are a low-maintenance way to bring natural beauty into your home, but
1 Determine if the color will fade or run. Spot test the silk fabric by blotting a water-moistened cotton ball on a hidden point in the garment, such as an inside seam. If the color
Very carefully.
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How to Clean Silk Plants
Fake plants made of silk are dust collectors on the home and should be cleaned just like everything else. The recommended way to dust silk plants is by brushing them with a dry brush because spraying them may cause them to lose their shape. Take the... More »
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