How to Clean Thc Out of Your Body With Water?


THC is the chemical found in marijuana and it is stored in the fat cells of the body. Because of this, you cannot get THC out of your body with water. You will need to lose weight or give your body time to process the THC out of your fat cells.
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Water will not clear THC out of your body. There is a myth that drinking excessive amounts of water will clear it out, but the only thing that drinking that much water can do is hurt you, and you will wind up with water poisoning, drowning your own body in water. There are drinks that claim to clear out THC from the body but are never guaranteed to work. The only true way to clear THC from your body is to stop smoking and let your body cleanse itself. You can find more information here:
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THC is stored in fat cells. Water will not clean your system but can dilute your urine making the THC undetectable. However, if drug tested they can tell its diluted due to a lack
Drinking water won't help much. However,
Not Medical Advice: The fastest way to get rid of THC is exercise, drink lots of water and green tea. Make sure you quit a couple days before the test.
Cranberry Juice and cucumbers. Go to a head shop and get a masking agent or a flush drink. Don't smoke dope.
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The first thing to do is stop smoking marijuana. In time the body will remove the THC on its own. To speed this along, drink a lot of water and take 3 aspirin ...
The best ways to get rid of THC in your body starts by quitting smoking. After you're not smoking anymore, the munchies should subside, so it will be easier to ...
1. Prevent THC from entering your body from all possible vectors. Niacin cannot aid in the removal of THC from the body if it has not been removed from the environment ...
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