How to Clean up Vomit on a Mattress?


It can be very challenging to clean vomit off of a mattress. Clean up the wet vomit as quickly as possible, soak up as much moisture as possible with towels. Some people suggest peroxide, spray it over the area and allow it to bubble up then blot it off. Others use seltzer water as it too will fizz up when it comes in contact with the vomit stain.
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Things You'll Need. Paper towels. Cleaning rags. Dish soap. Water. White vinegar. Enzyme odor remover. Instructions. Remove all bedding, including the mattress cover and sheets. Place
Remove any remnants using a clean towel. Prepare a cleaning solution preferably baking soda dissolved in warm water. Apply this on the area affected to diffuse the vomit smell. Leave
1 Vacuum the mattress. This helps to keep it clean by the sheer fact that when it does get wet, there is less matter in the dirt to cause it to stain. Ad 2 Try using an upholstery
1. Put out your fire and camouflage the pit, so that you can't tell there was a fire there. Use soil, turf and leaves to cover it after the ashes have been buried. 2. Clean up all
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How to Clean Up Vomit On A Mattress
Flu season, children and pets ensure that your household beds will at some point be a target for illness and vomit. Unlike clothing, bedding and even some rugs, mattresses cannot just be tossed into the washing machine to be cleaned and deodorized.... More »
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