How to clean velcro?


You a toothpick or a sewing pin to lift all the fuzz or debris out of the velcro and then you can use tweezers to pick up the rest of the debris. After you have all of the loose debris out of the velcro, you can use a dry tooth brush to brush out anything that is left.
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1. Remove as much dirt, string and other contaminants from the surface of both sides of the Velcro by hand. This makes it easier to clean away the smaller pieces of debris on the
1 Ignore the fuzz-filled Velcro. If the Velcro still forms a pretty good connection when you press it together, there may be no need to clean. If you don't really spend a lot of time
I find that you can pick crud out of the male side of velcro with a pin- sort of rake through it and pull out the fuzz as it comes up off the surface. Female velcro (the softer side
To clean Velcro, pull off loose matter with your fingers. Remove anything that is extending
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How to Clean Velcro
If you have velcro shoes, velcro toys or velcro fabric with strings, yarn or hair entwined, then chances are you need to learn how to clean velcro. It isn't very difficult, and when the velcro is clean, it holds more securely. When you learn how to... More »
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Velcro can quickly become full of fuzz, thread and hair. I have found the easiest and most effective way to clean Velcro is by using a strong fine tooth comb, preferably a metal one as the teeth won't bend as easily. In order to keep it relatively free of these foreign objects, it is best to keep it 'done up' as much as possible. The worst place to get Velcro full of 'stuff' is in the washing machine and dryer. Even if it is closed when put in, the agitation of the machine often pulls it apart and it becomes embedded with fuzz, hair and threads.
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