How do you clean a washing machine drum?


To clean your washing machine drum, start by running it on empty. Set the water temperature to hot and the level to full with two cups of vinegar so as to loosen mineral deposits. Wipe using a soft cloth then run the machine again but with lemon juice instead of vinegar. Finish by running the machine through an empty, hot and full cycle to clean it out completely.
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1. Set your washing machine to the largest wash load possible on a hot water setting. Monitor the machine so that you can add the cleaners to it when it first begins to agitate. 2
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1. Make sure you have Windex, a roll of paper-towels, q-tips and 1 Affresh tablet. Ad. 2. Once you have obtained the tools mentioned above, head on over to your Cabrio HE washer and
Each washing machine, whether it be a top-loader or front-loader, has a basket riddled with holes that sits in a tub. A turbine spire sticks up from the center of the basket that
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