How to Clean White Baseball Pants?


White baseball pants are like a magnet to dirt and grass stains. To clean them you will likely need to pre-treat, this can be done with hydrogen peroxide. When washing add 1/4 cup of both bleach and baking soda.
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1. Pre-treat grass, dirt and blood stains with hydrogen peroxide. Saturate the soiled area with the hydrogen peroxide. Let sit for five minutes. Then rub the fabric together. 2. Wash
Presoak the pants overnight then use phels napha soap over the affected area then spray with spray & wash. Use the whites cycle and wash with Tide Ultra with bleach additive.
1 Take the cleats into a space where it doesn't matter if it gets mud everywhere, and clap the cleats together to get loose mud off. Ad 2 Next, use a firm brush to scrape off more
1. Mix some dish soap in water and wipe the bottom of the shoes with an old rag. This will get rid of some dirt, and if your shoes aren't that dirty, this may be all you need. If
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How to Clean White Baseball Pants
Cleaning white baseball paints of grass stains and dirt takes minimal effort to keep them looking like new. Using the proper cleaning agents and methods will avoid deteriorating the integrity of the fabric and the use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda,... More »
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