How to Clean Windows without Streaks?


You need to continue to rub the windows even after the window cleaner is partially dry in order to clean windows without streaks. You could also use a squeegee. These are far more effective than newspapers.
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1 Gather your supplies : 2 Several black-and-white newspapers (the colored ink will stain) . 3 -or- a roll of paper towels (more expensive, because you will use a lot of them) 4 A
1. Pour 1 quart warm water and 2 tbsp. white vinegar into a spray bottle. 2. Twist the lid onto the bottle and shake gently to mix ingredients. 3. Spray the diluted vinegar mixture
Cleaning windows is an easy job. All you have to do is wipe off all the dirt and dust. In some cases, you will use a window cleaner and a cloth in order to do the job. Sometimes,
Use newspaper with a vinegar/water solution.
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How to Clean Windows Without Streaks
Are you tired of looking out your windows and seeing hazy streaks after you just finished cleaning your windows? Are you tired of lint being left behind by the paper towels used to clean your windows? With a few household tricks, you can clean your... More »
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To clean your windows without streaks, you can use a vinegar-based cleaning solution and newspapers. Mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar with a gallon of water, and put some of the mixture into an old spray bottle. Spray the solution onto your windows and wipe them down using an old newspaper. If you do not like the smell of vinegar, you can substitute lemon juice in place of the vinegar. You can use your own glass cleaner if you prefer, but do not use paper towels in place of the newspaper. Using newspaper is the key to getting your windows streak-free.
To clean windows without streaks you will need a good window cleaner like Windex. Then you spray the top of the window and wipe in downward strokes. Using a cheesecloth will yield the best results for no streaks!
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