How to Clean Windshield?


Cleaning your windsheild is very simple. You can use store bought window cleaner. Or vinegar will also work. Spray the windsheild and wipe with a clean rag or paper towels.
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Many people opt to clean the windshield with glass cleaner, but that isn't the only option. You can use vinegar or shaving cream to clean your windshield. Both of those cleaners will help to reduce smudges, streaks, and fogging on the windshield. Apply the vinegar or shaving cream to the windshield. Work only on a small section at a time. Wipe the cleaner off with a cloth or a piece of newspaper. Buff the glass until it is dry using horizontal motion on the interior and vertical motion on the exterior so you can determine where any streaks are located.
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1. Loosen those splattered critters by soaking a soft cloth in warm cloth and laying the soaked cloth over the windshield allowing it to remain for several minutes. Use the same cloth
1 Find the right cleaning solution. Every car nerd has their favorite brand or formula from ammonia-based glass cleaners to TSP or simply soap and water. If you choose to use ammonia
rubbing alcohol.
The car should be stationary for both safety and car cleanliness. At speed, the wiper spray tends to streak backward across the roofline and occasionally down the rear window. In
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To clean windshield you move the windshield wiper with care away from the glass to clean it and rub the rubber blade of the windshield wiper with a damp cloth. ...
The best way to clean windshield wiper blades is with rubbing alcohol and a piece of terry cloth. You simply put the alcohol onto the cloth and run it up and down ...
An easy way to clean film from your windshield is with the help of a steamer. If you don't have one at home, you can rent one from your local home improvement ...
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