How to Clean Your Butt?


Take a washcloth and put warm water and soap on it, put the washcloth on your butt and move it around to get it clean. Now take water and rinse yourself off.
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Use a hot water bottle and a enema nozzle with witch hazel and hydrogen peroxide before and after you do it.
Shave it.
What is the toilet that cleans your b---? It is called a bidet. Thanks for
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In order to make your butt clap you must be fresh and clean in that specific area. Now either stand or lean over with your hands on your knees (as if you were ...
A bidet is a fixture used like a toilet to spray water on your genitalia and butt area to clean you. They are very common in Southern European countries. The earliest ...
A Butt nugget is usually debris of faeces hanging on the buttock crack or bottom hair. Dirt accumulated on the butt due to sweat and improper cleaning is also ...
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