How to Clean Your Rectum?


Get in a bath or shower to clean your rectum. Get a washrag with some soap on it and wash your rectum. Then rinse very well because if not then you will have an itchy rectum. Follow the link for more options on how to clean your rectum.
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To clean your rectum, go and get yourself a washcloth. Soap the washcloth really good. Once you have a good lather going, place the rag between your butt cheeks. Rub between your butt cheeks with the washcloth really good. Now, rinse your rectum with clean water. You have successfully cleaned your rectum!
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An enema is the best resource to perform this type of cleansing. To clean thoroughly, it may be necessary to repeat the procedure a few times. It depends on the man's digestive system
An enema is a cleaning method in which hot water or a medical cleaning solution is shot
It`s impossible to just `wipe it clean` with toilet paper - if you are in a public toilet somewhere. At home of course, most people also wash it, thoroughly.
That depends on how much you eat and whether you did a small enema or large volume enema. Typically it is good for anywhere from 6 to 12 hours. Once you start eating the food is being
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