How do you clean the ceramic plates on a hair straightener?


To clean a ceramic hair straightener, ensure that the tool is plugged off and slightly warm. Cleaning it while it is slightly warm makes it easy to remove the residue that has not yet solidified. Spray the flat iron with a cleaning solution that is designed for ceramic hairstyling tools. Using a soft towel, wipe down the hair straightener making sure you clean off the body and not just the plates. Moisten the towel with warm water to go over any stubborn spots.
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1. Turn off and unplug your ceramic hair straightener. Lay it down on a heat-safe mat to avoid singeing your countertop as you allow the hairstyling tool to cool off. Wait at least
First, the ceramic plates are coated to prevent the hair from being exposed to too much heat. The heated plates can then heat the hair, which causes the hydrogen bonds to break down
1. Make sure your straightener is completely off and has no chance of being at any sort of dangerous temperature. Also, it is always good to check and make sure your straightener
only when it's cool and unplugged use a damp cloth to wipe it down, then apple some rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball or pad and use it to remove what ever gunk is on the iron.
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How to Clean a Ceramic Hair Straightener
When using a ceramic hair straightener, you can prevent damage to your tresses not only by applying a heat-protective serum prior to straightening your hair, but also by cleaning your flat iron after every use. Serum and hairspray that stick to the flat... More »
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