How to Clear a Clogged Vacuum Hose?


In my opinion, the best way to clear a vacuum hose is to use one of those thin grabber arms with the claw end. Simply unhook the hose from the sweeper, if you can. Reach through whichever end of the hose seems most clogged or even both ends with it. Pull the button to clasp the claws closed and withdraw the gripper from the hose. Repeat until debris is free or until hose can be shaken loose of particles.
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How to Clear a Clogged Vacuum Hose
When you're using your vacuum to sweep your house, it's easy to get a clog in the hose. Clumps of dirt, pet hair, human hair, string and small toys can all cause clogs. Whenever you notice that your vacuum's suction isn't as strong as normal, or that... More »
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1. Turn on the vacuum cleaner. Hold up the hose and smack your open hand against it to loosen the clog. Begin at the top and work your way down. If this works, you'll hear the material
I tried everything listed and was not completely successful. Moisten the stuff inside with water if it is the type of material that would soften and move through the hose easier.
If it is like most Vacuum hoses I have seen, the hose ends are identical on both ends. Since the insulation was stuck while sucking from one end reversing the hose and sucking from
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1. Clear out the clog. Detach the hose from the vacuum and lay it straight on a tile or linoleum floor. Insert a broom handle into one end of the hose; push it ...
To clean out a clogged vacuum hose, you can use a broom handle or a wire hanger bent into a straight line. Unhook the hose and try shaking the clog out. If needed ...
Unplug the vacuum. Empty the dirt container and check the upper tank, the hose, and the foot hose for clogs and take it out using a plastic fork. If it remains ...
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