How do you clear an ESN number?


To clear an ESN number, firs you need to know the company in which the phone is serviced by then ask the ESN number. You should be able to find the number by removing the battery then ESn will guide you to know the correct number. You can call customer service to confirm.
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1. Ask the owner of the phone you are interested in buying what phone company the phone is serviced by (the carrier). 2. Ask the owner for the ESN number. He should be able to find
it takes 30 days for an ESN to clear. it will not be clear until then; so u will have to wait. once ur 30 days have passed it will be clear and u can sell it. Sprint Halts Sales of
once swapped its auctomatically cleared
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How to Clear an ESN Number
Each cell phone has its own electronic serial number (ESN). You can find it by taking the battery out and reading the label inside the battery chamber. If you are in the market for a used cell phone, you’ll want to make sure the ESN associated with... More »
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