How to Clear a Warrant?


Every county has a different procedure to clear your warrant. In most cases, a trip to your courthouse will clear things up. Talk to the clerk at the entrance.
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How to Clear a Warrant
There are several instances in which you will automatically be checked for an outstanding warrant. Examples of these are: whenever you are pulled over for a traffic offense and when applying for a driver's license. In order to clear up the warrant, you... More »
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1. You must begin by understanding that a warrant is issued by a judge, and that police are part of the executive branch of government that merely execute the warrants of arrest.
Having a lawyer is your best bet he speaks to the judge to have fines reduced or dismissed.You can always pay a cash bond too.
I don't think you can clear this up.
Contact the Court that ordered the warrant. In most cases, the cler...
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A bench warrant is a type of arrest warrant commonly issued when a person fails to appear in court for a required hearing for a legal matter. Contact the warrant ...
1. Check your county's criminal court website to determine why the warrant was issued. Using your first and last name may be enough to access the necessary information ...
Failure to complete community work assignments, pay fines, appear for sentencing or failure to appear at a jail to serve your sentence will all result in bench ...
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