How Do I Clone a Mobile Phone?


To clone a mobile phone you need replace the cheap phone's serial number with that of the serviced phone. This is done from the phone's secret menu and after that change the phone number of the cheap phone to that of the serviced phone. Because the code for accessing the secret menu and changing the phone number varies between different phone brands you can visit a phone hacking website such as cellphonehacks for these details. However, this activity is illegal and punishable by law.
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To clone your cell phone you will one phone that has service and one phone without service. You basically need to hack the phone that has service so that you can find the secret menu
1. Find the secret menu key to unlock your phone. You can get this key through several avenues but one of the more popular sites is (see Resources) There, search
A mobile phone works by sending your call to a tower nearby, very much like a radio, which in many ways it is. They will then send it to other towers if needed, before sending it
1. Go online and browse selections of reconditioned phones. The first website to visit is the website of your current cell phone service provider. Search for reconditioned cell phones
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