How do you close a leatherman knife?


The leatherman knife haws been manufactured since 1983 by Tim Leatherman. In order to close the knife once its been open, take the handle of the knife, move the blade towards the handle avoiding the sharp edge until the blade is shut and locked in place.
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The seven models of the Leatherman Crater knife all have a single, folding blade in common. Three models, the C33T, C33TX and C33SX, have two screwdrivers - one Phillips head and
Grasp the handle of the Leatherman knife in one hand and the back (dull)
If its just on tool, you bring up another one ALMOST to the top, then close them. If all of them are stuck, take a flat screwdriver and stick it in the locking mechanism. Pull so
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How to Close a Leatherman Knife
The one tool every boater should carry is a jackknife. You might choose the traditional rigger's knife, with a folding blade and a marlinespike, or you might opt for a Leatherman knife. Introduced in 2007, Leatherman Tool Group's first knives were... More »
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