How to Close Gap in Teeth Yourself?


The best way to close the gap of your teeth by yourself is by placing a little bit of white dental wax into the gap between two teeth. For a more permanent solution, visit an orthodontist and get fitted for braces. However, this could take several months or even several years to accomplish.
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1. Find out the facts first. Ask your dentist for information.Teeth bands are considered a faster solution than braces, most testimonials report a two- to six-month treatment period
KeKe says that her gap closed naturally when her wisdom teeth grew in.
1. Learn about the problem. There are lots of great articles to inform you. Start. or here. 2. Donate money to a worthy cause, like Teach
If your 19 all your molars are in except you might not have your 3rd molars (wisdom teeth) and yes when they come in it could push the other teeth together and close spaces but most
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