How to Come up with a Yearbook Theme?


To come up with a yearbook theme, think of something most students enjoy. If your school is located near a beach, then a beach theme may be suitable.
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1 Think about the school itself. What kind of school are you? The theme often ties in with the school's history, the way the students treat each other, etc. Ad
1. Look over the previous few years of the high school yearbook. The staff should make a list of all the things they would like to keep and all the things they should throw out. This
ya mum is a good theme is ya face on straight? eat crackers, then go for a walk and drink a glass of bundy ginger beer. maybe zach is gay. zach marshall that is.
Many high school yearbook themes find their inspiration in current trends &
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Schools offer books for sale to students that document their school year. These books are called yearbooks, and they come in themes. For examples, the yearbooks ...
Sometimes it can be hard to come up with unique themes for a high school yearbook. Themes should be different from year to year in order to engage the students ...
There are numerous good yearbook themes that include: About face, Backed by tradition, Membership has its Privileges, That was Then, This is Now, The Road Less ...
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