How to Commit Someone to a Psych Ward?


To commit someone to a psych ward, there has to be a doctor's order that the patient has been diagnosed with mental illness. The diagnosis has to indicate the severity of the case and the necessary treatment that can be provided by a Psych Ward. Families of patient with mental illness have to provide their permission so Psych Ward will determine the admission details.
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People who say you have to go insane or crazy in order to be sent to a psych ward are buying into false stereotypes and have no idea what they're talking about, and should keep their
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1 Visit the city or county courthouse. You will need to do this in the district where the person you're asking to commit is living. Ask the clerk for the proper application papers
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How to Have Someone Committed to a Psych Ward
There are two types of psychiatric commitments – voluntary and involuntary. During a voluntary commitment, the patient agrees they are having a mental health problem that is serious and consents to an evaluation in a psychiatric ward. Many people... More »
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