How to Commit Someone to a Psych Ward?


To commit someone to a psych ward, there has to be a doctor's order that the patient has been diagnosed with mental illness. The diagnosis has to indicate the severity of the case and the necessary treatment that can be provided by a Psych Ward. Families of patient with mental illness have to provide their permission so Psych Ward will determine the admission details.
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1. Convince the patient that they should see a doctor for evaluation. This can be conducted on an out-patient basis, but it is also commonly done after-hours in an emergency room.
Listen to them patiently. If you are bored, tell them that you are not interested. If he/she over-reacts, take the help of nurses and/or psychiatrists. However, if that person is
Nicholson's character, Randle P. McMurphy, feigned mental illness to get out of heavy labor at the prison farm where he had been serving a sentence.'s...
Unless she's being violent, or is a danger to yourself and others, you really can't do jack sh*t. She's an adult, she can make medical decisions for herself, and you can't just throw
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How to Have Someone Committed to a Psych Ward
There are two types of psychiatric commitments – voluntary and involuntary. During a voluntary commitment, the patient agrees they are having a mental health problem that is serious and consents to an evaluation in a psychiatric ward. Many people... More »
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