How to Conduct a Funeral Service?


A funeral service can be conducted by a funeral director, a minister, a family member or a close family friend. A minister or funeral director will charge from $100 to $300 per service. You should offer the family friend at least $50.00. You can find out more information here:
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How to Conduct a Funeral Service
Conducting a funeral service is an honor and a somber responsibility. Bring your professionalism and your awe in the presence of life's great mystery as you face a sea of grief in the faces of loved ones. Use words and rituals to guide attendees as they... More »
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1. Greet mourners to open the funeral service. Use a greeting such as that suggested by Pastor Notes: "Welcome, today as (name of family or other person nearest to deceased)
1 Start with a reading to focus the mind . This could be either a psalm or poem. 2 Follow with a quick description of what has happened . For example, "So-and-so has died...&
How you would conduct a memorial service would be to not have the body at the site. Normally a memorial service is done after the person has been put to rest. Then you would have
Funeral services are permissible on all days of the year except on Sundays. The Armenian Rite is 3-fold, consisting of; The Wake Service (Dan Gark) which although traditionally performed
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It is a common practice to pay a Pastor to conduct a funeral service. The amount that you should pay will be up to the Pastor. Some Pastors will just ask for you ...
When preachers are conducting a funeral, they often use a little black Pastor's book that outlines the order of the funeral. Generally, the Pastor is assisted ...
There is no time limit for conducting a funeral after death in the United Kingdom. When a death occurs and it is registered with the receipt of the death certificate ...
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