How to Conduct a Press Conference?


To conduct a press conference, you will prepare a venue and invite press people to attend or cover the conference. It may be a personal announcement or a question and answer format where the press people can ask question to the person who is the subject of the press conference.
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contact some tv and radio stations and inform them about your press conference and what it is about. set the time,date and place. then set up the place with a table, lights, backdrop
1. Find an audio conferencing service on the Internet or in a phone book. AT&T offers toll-free conference calls for 14 cents per person per minute and also offers operator-assisted
1 Organize a team. Working alone will be close to impossible so ask your co-workers or friends to work for you in organizing such conference. If you have the budget, then hire some
A press conference is generally a meeting involving reporters from print and electronic media. They are invited to cover any important news, announcement or product launch. It is
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A press conference is a gathering of national and international media journalists for either an update or information handout from a legal standing entity such ...
1. Set up the VTX 1000 conference phone in an area where you would like to conduct the conference call. 2. Contact your first conference call participant by pressing ...
1. Prepare in advance so you know your goals for the press conference. Make notes on what you want to say, and come up with answers you will give to questions ...
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