How to Connect a Laptop to an Overhead Projector.?


1. Attach one end of a VGA cable into the back of your laptop using the external monitor port. 2. Attach the other end of the VGA cable into the back of the projector. 3. Turn the projector on and let is warm up (wait until the screen starts to
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How to Connect a Laptop to an Overhead Projector
Many teachers, instructors and business people use laptops to generate reports, charts and presentations. Laptops are portable and convenient, and allow a presentation to be carried from home to office or classroom. Most overhead projectors will connect... More »
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there are usually two ways to do it. Either if you have an s-video output on your laptop; grab an s-video cable, plug it into your laptop and the other end into the projector. The
Data projectors have a video cable and you connect it to the 15pin blue video connector on the laptop. Then you power up the projector and then power up the laptop. The laptop should
I'm wondering the same thing i figured id go online and i bought a VGA cable that connects to the yellow red and white wires. Well i plugged it up and went to connect a projector
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The best way to connect your laptop to a projector depends on what kinds of ports are available on both devices. If they both have VGA ports (common), then a ...
1. Make sure both the projector and the laptop are switched off before you attempt to connect the devices. Never attempt to attach or unplug cables when a device ...
1. Set up your projector and laptop in front of the screen. Locate the power cords for each and plug them into the back of the units and the wall outlet. 2. Locate ...
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