How to Connect Laptop to Bose iPod Station?


There's also an auxiliary jack for bringing Bose sound to your DVD/CD player, MP3 players, or other portable devices. You can connect to the sound dock via headphone Jack cable- if you have the newer generation sound dock portable- there is an aux Jack on back.
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1. Locate the "Auxiliary" or "AUX" port on the rear of your Bose system's receiver. 2. Insert the red and white ends of an RCA-to-stereo adapter into the "
Answer - Use an 1/8 mini to RCA cable Connecting an iPod or any other MP3 player to a Bose 3-2-1 is very simple. You will need an 1/8 inch mini (3.5mm) to stereo RCA cable such as
Why would you want to? The purpose of the docking station is to be a permanent base to dock your laptop so it can have access to power, speakers, additional storage, wired networks,
Hello all, I have a Bose Sound System, and wrote that my iPOD touch would not charge. Got a message back from Bose, see comments. Do write them, as they give a solution. Seems they
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