How to Connect Laptop to Bose iPod Station?


There's also an auxiliary jack for bringing Bose sound to your DVD/CD player, MP3 players, or other portable devices. You can connect to the sound dock via headphone Jack cable- if you have the newer generation sound dock portable- there is an aux Jack on back.
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1. Plug the iPod AV adapter into the charging port on the bottom of the device. This is the same port you plug the charger or USB cable into. The other side of the adapter will have
I have the same question! I want to play DVD on my Bose home theatre and want to see on my laptop. is there any cable available to do it. it is not possible by HDMI port. because
Plug the 1/8 mini jack into the headphone jack of your iPod or
Any iPod, smartphone or MP3 player at its most basic level is just an ordinary analog audio source. For just listening, any audio device with a headphone/earbud output can be connected
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