How to Connect Two Computers to Same Internet?


There are three ways to connect two computers or more to the internet. The first solution, sharing a broadband connection using Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, is suitable for home use and low-budgets. The second method, sharing a broadband connection using a dedicated broadband router, is a better solution for small businesses and homes when more flexibility is needed. The final method, sharing a broadband connection using a Linux router, is the most advanced solution: it offers the broadest range of features and the most control over security, logging and access. Connect a phone wire from the wall jack to the incoming phone jack of the modem for each computer. Set up each computer with the same settings to access your dial-up Internet account. Create a home network for your computers by connecting both computers to a network router. Any consumer model will suffice for the purpose of sharing a dial-up connection. The router you purchase will include instructions for setting up a home network, but typically, you will use Ethernet cables to connect each computer to the router. Connect a phone line to the modem on one of the two computers. Connect to your dial-up Internet account. Open the 'Sharing' control panel or preference pane in that computer. In Windows, right-click on 'Dial Up' and choose 'Properties.' Click the 'Advanced' tab and select 'Allow Other Network Users to Connect through This Computer's Internet Connection.' In Mac OS, click on 'Internet Sharing' and select 'Dial Up' (or the name of your dial-up connection) from the 'Share Your Connection From' menu. Click on 'Ethernet,' next to 'To Computers Using.'
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1. Plug in the router's power cord and connect one of the network (Ethernet) cables to the "Input" connection. Connect the other end of the cable to your modem's "Output
If you have a PC you can use the LAN connections on the back of the computers to connect them together. Create a network and unblock the firewall by going to My Network Places and
Steps. Connect the two computers together either with a Crossover cable or a Hub/Switch to the ethernet card in your computer. Set the IP address on both computers. Goto Start >
1 Plug in an ethernet cable. To connect two computers that don't have access to a shared network, you can use an Ethernet cable to make a direct connection between the two computer's
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