How to Connect VHS Player to Computer?


When connecting the VHS player to a computer, first join the composite AV cables and the composite cables to the back of the VCR at the AV OUT with the colour coded plugs attached to the same colour. Then plug the other end of the cables to the AV IN jacks on the converter and then attach the USB cable to the computer's port from the converter. Turn on the VHS player and the computer, load a VHS tape and then press play to start watching.
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1. First you need the Supplies to build your own VCR You need to exactly to get stuff out of the VCR that was built in companies with a screwdriver to take screws out of that VCR.
You would need a video card that will support the RCA analog connection, or allow for some sort of conversion like COAX . From there you also need software that would allow you to
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