How to Connect Wii to Netflix?


To connect your Wii to Netflix you can go online to the Wii Shop. From there you can download the Netflix app for instant streaming on the Wii Shop Channel. You must have an existing Netflix account in order to create an account with the Wii. Once you have followed the on screen directions in the Wii Shop you will see Mario running across the screen. Once the app is fully downloaded it will appear in your list of available applications.
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1. Select the "Wii Shop" channel on the Wii's main menu and choose "Start.". 2. Select "Start Shopping" and choose "Wii Channels.". 3. Select
No, you can't sign out easily. Follow steps below.….
You can buy Netflix on Wii for 0 Wii Points. But you have to have a membership which costs $8.99 a month.
1. Hook up a wireless router to your modem, following the directions on the package. You must have a wireless router to connect your Wii to Charter Communications' cable Internet
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