How to Contact a Ghost?


When contacting a ghost it’s important to train your vision so as to see a ghost or spirit. When looking at a magic eye picture it looks like a mass of squiggles and dots – but when you relax, stare at one point and de-focus, then you begin to see a 3D picture emerge. It’s exactly the same with seeing a spirit. It’s best to try this in the dark at first, so an overnight vigil on a Ghost Hunt is ideal. Focus your attention on one area – then take note of what is in your peripheral vision, as this is the vision we use to see spirits. Let your eyes gently de-focus. At first you may see colours or wisps of grey but the more you practice, the better you will get.
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One of the methods that you can use to contact a ghost is by employing occult and mediums as a go between. However, Paranormal Investigators and Ghost Hunting Groups believe that there is no reliable way to get in touch with Real Ghosts. But many Voodoo-Hoodoo believers see witchcraft as the easy way out.
To contact a ghost use a voice recorder and talk to the ghost. Ask it questions and the voice recorder will catch the voices that you can't hear. You can also use a Ouija board.
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The best way to contact a ghost is to use a Ouija board. Make sure that you have friends to help you do this. You should never use a Ouija board alone. Never make fun and joke about
There are a number of ways in which you can contact ghosts . It really depends on what is the purpose for contacting ghosts or spirit as i like to call them. If you have lost a loved
When you sense a ghost presence just start speaking to them. Explai...
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