How do you contact Ellen Degeneres?


The best way to contact Ellen Degeneres is through the "Ellen Degeneres Show" website, which provides various forms of contact information. These include email, contact forms, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more.

Depending on the intent, listeners and fans can open communication with Ellen by following links on her show's website. A tab in the top menu bar named "Send to Ellen" makes it easy to offer suggestions for the show, tell stories or provide insights. Listeners are also encouraged to upload videos and photos, including funny sign sightings, bad hairstyles, baby selfies, bad album covers, bloopers and myriad other options. Social media fans can also post messages to Ellen by clicking through to her social media sites.

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You can email at her site.
You can contact Ellen via email through the following link:
1. Go to the official website at Click on the "tickets" link just below the main banner. 2. Click on a date in the calendar on the ticket page. If
1 Write her a letter. Ellen is very kind hearted and very easily touched. You can take advantage of that in a good way. If you write her a strong lengthy letter her producers may
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The personal phone numbers of celebrities are not publicly available. · More images »
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