How to Contact JK Rowling?


If you wish to contact J.K Rowling, you can contact her on her official website 'j k Rowling.' You could also write to her publishing house, Bloomsbury Publishing plc. You could also contact her through her agent, Christopher Little.
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1. If you live in the United States, write to her care of Scholastic Inc. publishers: J.K. Rowling. c/o Scholastic. 555 Broadway. New York, NY 10012. Ad. 2. If you live in the United
Contacting JK Rowling. her address is JK rowling. c/o bloomsbury publishing place. 38 soho square. london w1v 5df. england.
You can write to J.K. Rowling at: J. K. Rowling c/o Scholastic Inc. 555 Broadway
1. Start writing a children's book at the age of five. JK Rowling's first story was called "Rabbit. 2. Make friends with children with a good last name. Remember that name so
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