How to Contact Juggle?


One of the basic skills in contact juggling is cradle holding. This is done by holding the ball in the middle of your fingers with your hand's palm down and your fingers stretching. Then one can transfer the ball from cradle to the tips of the fingers and over the edge of the fingers as well. After this, one can be able to do the butterfly trick, which is the rhythmic ball transfer from cradle to the tips.
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1. Start by finding a ball about the size of an orange that's solid and relatively heavy. It should feel hefty, but it should also fit easily in the palm of your hand. 2. Hold the
1 The Cradle ' The Cradle Hold your favored hand out, palm down with fingers extended and touching . Dip the straightened middle finger down slightly to make a cradle for the ball,-Basics
Contact juggling in its modern popular form originated with a juggling routine
Preface: it would be trivial to get into the tricks to learn here. Instead, there are links to excellent sources listed at the bottom of this answer. The first link included is very
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