How to Contact Michael Jordan?


You can contact Michael Jordan by sending a letter to the address of, Michael Jordan Jump, Inc., 676 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2930, Chicago, IL 60611.
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Michael Jordan does not have any official contact information.
The personal phone numbers of celebrities are not publicly available.
You can contact Michael Jordan at his fan mail address. The address is: Michael Jordan, Jump Inc., 676 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2930, Chicago, IL 60611.
To contact Michael Jordan, you can send mail directly to his management company. The address is Michael Jordan C/O Jump Inc. 676 North Michigan Avenue Suite 2930 Chicago, IL 60611.
There really is no way to contact Michael Jordan himself. He is a celebrity and keeps his personal contact information private. You can however contact his publicist.
It is hard to contact Michael Jordan. Michael has a fan club where you can write to him. There are no personal addresses or phone numbers available. He keeps his private life to himself.
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Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York on February 17, 1963. His family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina when he was young. He spent most of his formative years there and
Michael Jordan's number is not listed. You will have to find out his number through hours and hours of searching.
Michael Jordan is famous for a lot of reasons. One reason he is famous is because he is widely considered the greatest basketball player of all time.
Philip Michael Ondaatje, 9/12/43) is a Sri Lankan-born Canadian novelist and
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