How to Contact Tyler Perry?


To contact Tyler Perry you can visit his website which is He is an American performer and producer who was born in 1969. He is a devoted Christian thus many of his scenes are based on church environments and worship models.
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Call 181-0981-9920.
Tyler Perry is an immensely popular director and actor that specializes in
For fan mail: Tyler Perry, The Tyler Perry Company, PMB 140, 541 Tenth Street NW Atlanta, GA 30318.
One way would be to send him fan mail to his fan mail address. His primary fan mail address is: Tyler Perry. The Tyler Perry Studios. PMB 140. 541 10th Street, NW. Atlanta, GA 30318
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The address of Tyler Perry Studios is 3300 Continental Parkway, SW in Atlanta, GA 30331. The phone number is 404-222-6448. ...
Tyler Perry is an actor, author, screenwriter, director, and playwright. He did not go to college. In fact, Tyler Perry did not graduate high school. However, ...
Correspondence to Tyler Perry can be sent to Tyler Perry Studios, 3300 Continental Colony Parkway Southwest, Atlanta, GA, 30331. Tyler Perry Studios is his film ...
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