How can soil pollution be controlled?


There are many factors which controls the soil pollution. Some of these factors are the limited use of fertilizers,pesticides or insecticides,weed controlling chemicals.Biological method should be encouraged and practiced. Grazing must be controlled.
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1. Pesticides and fungicides are essential for plant growth but their overuse has led to soil pollution. Bio-fertilization and manures should be used instead of their chemical alternatives
We can control air pollution by reducing the amount of smoke we release in the air. For example, make sure that your car is working properly and that it is not releasing black smoke
Trees reduce the amount of CO. 2. in the atmosphere through photosynthesis. They reduce soil erosion by intercepting precipitation before it hits the ground, which reduces the amount
1. Identify what types of indoor air pollutants are in the hospital. Hospitals can have dust, airborne bacteria, gases and germs in the air. Determining what is in each room can help
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Ways to Control Soil Pollution
Land pollution degrades the land surface worldwide through poor agricultural practices, mining, industrial waste dumping, and the use of herbicides and pesticides on lawns and gardens. Visible waste and litter can pollute the ground surface and pose a... More »
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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of soil pollutants. Most commonly, sewage and chemicals are the biggest problem. These are man-made problems. Natural problems ...
Soil pollution occurs when hazardous solid or liquid contaminates mix with naturally occurring soil. These contaminates attach physically or chemically to the ...
A pollutant is a an unwanted waste material that pollutes water, air or soil, and is the cause of pollution. It normally causes instability, disorder, harm or ...
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