How do you control static electricity in hair?


Static electricity in hair can be controlled by using a silicon-based conditioner and putting some lotion in the hair, cutting down on hair products containing alcohol or even simply having a change of hairbrush.
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Water gets rid of it, so you can just get your hair slightly damp and it will get rid of the static electricity.
1. Keep a humidifier running in your home. When dry air is a problem, especially in the winter when heaters are on and the humidity is low, a humidifier adds moisture to the air.
1. Increase the humidity levels in your home to discourage static cling. Low humidity causes the hair to dry out, creating the perfect environment for static. Purchase a humidifier
1. Mist hair brush with water. Moistening the bristles can help get rid of unwanted static electricity. 2. Spritz brush bristles with hair spray. Used in moderation, hair spray applications
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