How do you control static electricity in hair?


Static electricity in hair can be controlled by using a silicon-based conditioner and putting some lotion in the hair, cutting down on hair products containing alcohol or even simply having a change of hairbrush.
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1. Add hair products to your hair, such as mousse, gel or pomade. Place a quarter-sized drop into your hand and run your hands through your hair. Allow the product to absorb into
Water gets rid of it, so you can just get your hair slightly damp and it will get rid of the static electricity.
1 Limit contact between moving bodies. Items collect static charge when spare electrons (trapped by a lack of conductive outlet) are collected or "swept up" by a passing
1. Get a sheet of aluminum foil about the size of your TV screen, depending on how much shock you want. 2. Tape it to the screen so it is touching in all places and turn the TV on.
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