How to Convert a Dynamo to an Alternator?


A very common modification we make to our cars is to change from a dynamo to an alternator. The alternator should give us greater power availability, probably twice as much as the dynamo. On top of that with less moving parts (the voltage regulator in an alternator is electronic) it ought to be far more reliable, so it is a good modification. if your car is an early example and is positive earth, then the first part of the process should be to convert your electrical system to negative earth (a prerequisite of the change). Disconnect the battery and remove the dynamo. Pull off both the wires at the rear of the dynamo and then remove the bolt from the adjusting arm, then removing the 2 nuts and bolts at the top the dynamo should be lifted out. Fitting the alternator is simply reverse with attention to the following. The bracket for the rear fixing of the alternator is different to the one used on the dynamo, as is the adjusting arm at the front. These brackets can be sourced from a scrap yard off an older Mini or metro, they can also be purchased from the normal specialists, or you could try and make your own. Electrically the difference between the alternator and the dynamo is the fitment of a voltage regulator. When you fit an alternator there is then no requirement to have a voltage regulator. Simply removing it will not suffice as we need to make use of some of the wires fitted to it. (It is possible to remove the voltage regulator and rewire the charging system of the car but this is pretty complicated. We basically have 2 different ways of changing the wiring to make the existing voltage regulator redundant. Firstly we can change wires around to different points on the regulator to make the alternator work correctly. Or alternatively we can leave the wires where they are and modify the Voltage regulator itself. Both methods also require the addition of an extra POWER wire that helps to carry the extra power generated by the alternator. If you choose to modify your existing regulator, then you need to decide which type you have. You could either have an RB106 (Very common) or an RB340 (only a few cars used this one) both look very different. Alternatively you can choose to simply change the connections on the bottom of the Voltage regulator to achieve the same result. Either way the way the wiring is modified is determined by which model car you have.
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