How do you convert a PRN file to DOC?


To convert a PRN file to a DOC file you need to have a word processor that supports both formats. A good example would be Microsoft Word 2003. You need to save the file as a DOC file.
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1. Create a document in a word processing or spreadsheet program. 2. Print the finished document to your postscript printer (see Resources) This creates a PRN file. Before hitting
PDF to DOC conversion can be made online or by software. Online conversion is fast, free and hassle free. Some content like Table may get distorted. For more information look here:
Answer You can use Red Titan Escapee. Answer Install a postscript printer, even if you don't have one. Many postscript printers have the notation PS in their name, so it makes it
Due the variability and uncertainty of this file type group, there is no general information available, about how to convert this various data file format. However most files with
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A ORP file extension is a QuickReport data file. You can convert a QRP file to a DOC file by using a file converter that works with those type of files. File converters ...
Microsoft provides several free converters and tools for Converting WPS to DOC. They include: Microsoft works 6-9 file converter and word viewer 2007. ...
A tst file is a Text Transform Script used for coordinating data. To convert a '.tst file to a '.doc' file, you can download a free converter that converts documents ...
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