How to Convert an AR-15 to Full Auto?


Without an automatic license permit, this is illegal in most states, but in order to convert to full auto, you simply need to remove the sear or file the sear down, depending on the model.
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Converting an AR15 to full auto will convert you from free to doing 20 years.
Despite popular misconceptions, most AR 15 type rifles cannot be converted to full auto without major modifications, re-machining the receiver, and replacing several parts. It is
1. Unscrew the stock trigger frame from your paintball gun. Depending on the model of gun, this is typically done by unscrewing the two screws that connect the trigger frame to the
Standard issue magazines are 20 or 30 round staggered-column magazines for a Semi
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You can find full-auto conversion plans on the internet that will give you the blue-print so to speak, as to how to convert a 10/22 to full auto, with step-by-step ...
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