How to Convert Bin Files to Avi?


To convert bin files to .avi format, start by right clicking the 'Start' button and select 'Explore' option to open Windows Explorer. Using Windows Explorer, go to the BIN file and ensure the CUE file that corresponds to it is in the same folder as the BIN file. Right click the BIN file and choose 'Mount with (disk image software)' option. Assign a drive letter to the file and click 'OK'. Right click on the AVI file. Select 'Copy'. Save the AVI file to another location. Right click the BIN file. Choose 'Unmount'.
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1. Download and install Daemon Tools Lite (see Resources) Restart your computer after installation is completed. Start the Daemon Tools program. Click the Daemon icon in the lower
AVI video files can be converted into various media files. Integrated Windows Movie Maker can be used. Also software like Xilisoft Converter can be used.
1. Open an Internet browser and navigate to the Media-Convert site (see Resources) 2. Click “Browse” to open a file navigator. 3. Navigate to the MOV file to upload and
1. Download, install and open AutoGK (see Resources) 2. Insert the DVD you want to rip and convert. 3. Click "Browse" next to "Input File" and go to your DVD directory
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How to Convert .bin files to AVI
A .bin file is always coupled with a .cue file. When they are used together, they act much like an image of a DVD or CD, also called an ISO. They are sometimes used as a DVD-video file and need to be converted into an AVI (audio video interleave) in... More »
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Video TS is the standard video for DVDs. AVI is another type of video file that is much smaller than a Video TS file. Programs such as RER Video Converter and ...
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