How do you convert kN/m2 to kg/m2?


One Kilo Newton/square metre (1KN/M2) is equivalent to 101.971621296886 kilogram-force/square metre (101.971621296886 Kgf/M2). These are units that are used to measure the quantity of pressure.
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Units of weight (Kg) cannot be converted into units of area (m^2) Added later: Gsm = Grams per square meter? If so, and 25 grams is 1 square meter, then 1 Kg is equivalent to 40 square
simply the m^2 contains 39.37^2 inches so divide by 1550 16.8*/1550 = 0.01084 & u have 10.839 N/in^2 Source(s): Civil eng. Student
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Kilo-newtons or KN can be converted into kilogram-pounds or KG by 0.10. Both are units of measure for force exerted against an object. A kilo-newton is 1,000 newtons ...
The unit weight of steel is 4.88 kg/m2. This is the weight of a steel plate of an area of 1 sq metre. Steel is a very important metal because of its several uses ...
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