How to Convert Metric Units?


It is actually not very hard to convert metric units. All you have to do in order to do this is move up and down the list of metric prefixes, and move the decimal point as you go.
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How to Convert Metric Units
Even if you live in America, the metric system will eventually become relevant to you in science classes you will inevitably take in school. The metric system is used in almost every science-based class you will take, and it's important to become... More »
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Converting US standard units to metric units, or metric units to US standard units involves a lot of mathematical equations. It is much easier to use the calculators found on this
1. Connect to the Internet and point your Web browser to one of the sites listed in the Resource section. We will be using the first one in the list, Metric and English Conversion
It depends on the specific units, but it will almost always be. a matter of multiplying or dividing by some power of 10.
Just move the dot one or more places either forward or backward. For examlpe: 14.7 mm equals 1.47 cm and 0.147 dm and 0.0147 m...and so on Embed
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1. Write out the number you want to convert. For example, 0.000000035 meters or 54,400,000 liters. 2. Count the number of decimal places to the right of the first ...
You need to ...
1. Convert your imperial gas units to metric gas units if you are billed in imperial metric units. Multiply imperial gas units by 2.83 to get this. If you used ...
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