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One milliliter is equal to one cubic centimeter. If you want to convert milliliters to cubic centimeters, there is nothing that you have to do, since they are equal.
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One milliliter is equal to 1 cubic centimeters.
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Not possible! A. gram. is a measure of weight, whereas. cc. means cubic centimeters, and. ml. means milliliters, both measures of volume. However, by definition, 1 cc of water at
1 cubic centimeter is equal to 1 milliliter, so 4 cc's would be 4 mililiters. Thanks for
A milliliter, or ml, is the same as a cc. So, there is one cc in a ml. There are also 1,000 cc's in a liter, 1,000,000 cc's in a kiloliter and ten cc's in a centiliter.
cc or cubic centimeter is equal to ml or milliliter. In water only, a gram is also equal.
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A cubic centimeter (abbreviation is cc) and the milliliter (abbreviation is ml) are unit of volume which are equal. For example, 1 cc = 1 ml. For more information ...
CC and mL are two metric measurements that are essentially the same, as 1 CC is equal to 1 mL. CC stands for cubic centimeters, while mL stands for milliliters ...
There is no cc to ml conversion chart. The reason for this is the fact that 1 cc is equal to 1 ml, so a chart is not needed. The units cc and ml are both volume ...
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