How to Convert Ratios?


You can convert ratios to fractions by putting the first number in the ratio over thre second number in the ratio. You can then find the decimal value by dividing the numerator by the denominator. You can find more information here:
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1. Write the ratio on a piece of paper. For instance, the ratio of boys to girls in class is 2:3. 2. Convert the ratio to a fraction. The first value occurring in the ratio becomes
To convert a ratio you turn it into a fraction or a different way of writing the ratio. For example, 6 to 5 could also be written as 6/5 or 6:5.
Pigeons could not survive solely on breadcrumbs, as they offer little to no nutritional value, and they would die of malnutrition. So, zero. Embed Quote
The ratio for that equation is 1MPH = 1.61KMH.
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It is easy to convert ratios once you know how. Let's take an easy one like 2/3. All you have to do is divide 2 by 3. The answer would be .666. Another would be 3/8 and the answer would be .375. Just divide 3 by 8.
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