How to Convert Square Feet to Square Meter?


To convert square feet to square metres, you first have to find the conversion factor which can be calculated by diving 1200 by 3937. The answer obtained is 0.3048. Then the formula will be: square metres = (0.3048 * 0.3048 * square feet).
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1. Determine the initial value in square feet. For the sake of example, let's take 200 square feet. 2. Multiply the initial value by the conversion factor (0.09290304 square meters
: 30 m² = 322.917 square feet.
1. Use the Internet. There are various calculators on the internet that will do the job for you. It might even be enough to enter something like "convert 8 square meters to square
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One square foot is equal to 0.09290304 square meters.
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