How do you cook a pig in the ground?


Thinking of having a luau and want to add a more traditional touch? You can cook a whole pig in the ground to really wow your guests. Be sure to properly dig and prepare the pit in advance of the day you are having your cook out. It might not be fun for your guests to spend all day digging. For the proper instructions on pit building and pig preparation click this link.
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First you need to dig a pit about 4' deep, about 3' wide. Fill with wood, burn down to about 2 feet of coals. Wrap pig in double thick foil, and then wrap in soaked burlap. Place
1. Dig a hole in the ground that is just a little bit longer and wider than the size of your pig. Go approximately 3 feet deep for an average-sized pig. 2. Put a layer of dry firewood
Pit Roasting a Pig. A pig that is 75 to 200 pounds live weight can be cooked by either of two methods: on a rotisserie over a low fire, or on screens or rods over a low fire with
1. Build a makeshift fire pit on sand, gravel or another safe surface. Lay sheet metal on the ground for the floor of your fire pit. Stack landscape bricks, several layers high, on
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How to Cook Pigs in the Ground
Pit cooking is often associated with holiday gatherings or special occasions because of the labor-intensive and time-consuming nature of the project. The typical barbecue pit requires placing a pig on top of layers of hot stones and leaves and covering... More »
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I had a pig cooked like this when I was a kid and loved it. You will need to dig a pretty big whole so get out your shovel. Depending on how big your pig is, is how big you will want your hole.
To cook a pig in the ground you'll need shovels, river rocks, and a lot of man power. You should also get a good supply of your favorite meat rub. You can find more information at
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