How to Cook a Turkey in a Crock Pot?


To cook a turkey in a crock pot, you need to season your turkey with a dry rub using whatever spices that you prefer. The best seasonings for turkey are usually sage, thyme, and marjoram but Cajun seasonings are also popular. Rub a layer of olive oil on the turkey and then add the dry rub of seasonings. Chop vegetables such as carrots, celery, potatoes and onions into large chunks and season with salt and pepper. Layer them in the Crock pot and pour in some turkey or vegetable stock. Place the turkey on top of the vegetables and add any remaining veggies that are left over. Cook the turkey in the Crock pot starting in the morning and it should be done (internal temperature of 180 degrees) by dinnertime.
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1. Dry Rub: Don't forget to season your turkey inside and out. Use your favorite seasonings and don't forget salt and pepper. Traditional poultry seasonings like sage, thyme and marjoram
1. Check the cavity of the turkey breast for giblets. Most turkey breasts don't come with them, but if yours did, then remove them. They will be inside a small paper bag. 2. Wash
well from my experience . put whatever yer gonna cook in the pot and fill with water and go get pounded somewhere. make a good day and evening of it- pass out if you want. when you
Place the roast in the crock pot along with some water and seasonings. Place some sliced carrots and chopped potatoes on top and cover with a lid. Let cook overnight.
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