How to cook fried chitlins?


Chitterlings are pig intestines prepared as food. Chitterlings are consumed worldwide, but in the United States, they are usually considered soul food. During slavery, plantation owners gave scraps, including chitterlings, to the slaves. Today, soul
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If raw chitterlings are used, they should be pre-boiled for five minutes before preparing as
Cooking chitterlings for the first time? How to cook chitlins or chitterlings and a little history of soul food.Includes step-by-step instruction and a video. 6 comments thanksgiving
Chitterlings, or “chitlins,” are pig intestines. Seen in Southern stores alongside pig snouts and pig feet, either pickled in jars or fresh at the butcher counter, this
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How long you cook chitlins varies depending on many factors such as amount to be cooked. In general, it takes around 2 to 3 hours to be fully cooked. Chitlins ...
Chitterling, also known as chitlins comes from a pig. It is the Middle English word for the small intestines of a pig. They are commonly cooked either fried or ...
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