How to Cook Chitterlings without the Smell?


There is not much you can do to cook chitterlings without having to put up with the smell. However, there is something you can do to reduce it somewhat. Make sure to thoroughly clean them by running them under cold water and soaking in at least 2 different water baths before cooking.
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To make chitterlings takes about 8 hours. You will need to thoroughly clean your surface and hands. You need onion, salt, red pepper flakes and garlic. You can find more information
You tell your mom to make them at her house and bring them over. seriously, I'm not kidding!
1. If you are using cabbage as part of a recipe, cook the cabbage alone and add the cooked cabbage in with the other ingredients once they are prepared. The unpleasant cabbage smell
Up to 3 months, in a zipped freezer bag, remove all the air or in a tightly sealed storage container. Be sure to write the date on it.
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