How to Cook Cocaine on a Spoon?


Cocaine is usually cooked into crack by heating it with water and baking soda on a spoon. The water and baking soda react with the cocaine in such a way that the cocaine turns into an oil which is then drawn off with a pin or other long thing object and allowed to air dry so that it may be rolled into crack's distinctive rock-like shape.
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Cooking crack cocaine is when you heat up cocaine with water and baking soda to get out the impurities. But aside from that, it is illegal and dangerous. Don't do it. Perhaps you
1. Feel the wooden spoon's surface, and smooth any roughness you detect, using 210-grit sandpaper. 2. Place some mineral oil on a paper towel, and rub it on all of the spoon's surfaces
Cook cocaine until you render it useless. First of all, it is illegal and even if you think you have cocaine, it is cut with other substances.even baby formula. That is why flies
There are many types of cooking spoons. There are slotted spoons, wood spoons,
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To cook cocaine mix an ounce of cocaine, a tea spoon of baking soda, and 3/4 a cup of water together and heat it in a pan. Flatten the bubbles as it cooks and ...
Cooking cocaine has a few different meanings. You can 'cook' cocaine by melting it (usually on a spoon) for intravenous use, or for freebasing (smoking.) You can ...
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