How to Cook Dope?


Cooking dope is highly illegal to grow and or smoke. It is probably healthier and safer for you to learn to cook something nutritional.
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Attempting to cook dope would be an intensive undertaking. Moreover, it would probably be illegal. Stick with cooking good healthy food and leave the dope alone.
If you mean smoke marijuana, make sure you check local laws to see if it is legal. Most often it is rolled into a cigarette, joint or blunt. You can also put it in a pipe, bong or use it in cooking.
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It is illegal to cook dope, grow dope and smoke dope. You can be arrested if you are caught cooking dope. You can be put in jail and even get felony charges aginst you for dealing
Dope cook is usually referring to someone who makes and manufacturers Meth.
. what kind of dope? Dope refers to weed, heroin, and well, basically just drugs.
Well if you are getting the hydrochloride dope which readily dissolves in water, then you really don't NEED to cook it But i'm far from being an 'expert' (or anything even close to
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String dope is a type of methamphetamine that is not cooked using high temperatures, but allowed to cook in a cool dark area for a month. Many believed that this ...
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