How to Cook Eel?


Eel is an acquired taste. I personally like it, but allot of people can't get over the fact of what they are eating. I found a site with 45 different ways to prepare eel. Here it is: For more information look here: Cooking Eel;
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Recipes calling for black eel, are actually referring to curdled blood. It is packed in irregular rectangular pieces about 4 inches x 5 inches x 2 inches. It is a popular ingredient'black_eel'_in...
BOILED EELS. 4 sm. eels. Lg. bunch parsley. Sufficient water to cover them. Choose small eels for boiling. Put them in a stewpan with the parsley, and just sufficient water to cover
Eel are over 800 species found in sweet and salt water all over the
Depends how you like it. Grilling the eel is probably the easiest as it takes about 10 minutes or so (actual cooking time). Would you like instructions?
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